“One star shines just that little bit brighter for us.” Megan
Megan 2005 - 2011
Megan’s Incredible   Journey
In Loving Memory of our friends . . . May they never be forgotten.
Lest we forget . . .
Indy 2003-2011 Indy was born on 5th September 2003 and died 12th February 2011. Indy’s Sire was Zenno vom Huhunegrab SchH1 KK1 1 1CC and his Dam was Champion Lararth Ayesha. He was bred by David and Sharon Bowen from Lararth Kennels in Wales. Indy had a lovely temperament along with a highly intelligent and active mind, he was always on the go, eager to please. He was a strong, but gentle lad, who was happiest and at his best rummaging through the trees and looking for and bringing back the biggest log he could find. He was a great comfort to us through many sad times when dealing with Megan. You would often feel his head under your hand letting you know he was there for you. “He possessed beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity and all the virtues of man without his vices.” Lord Byron’s tribute to his dog…Our tribute to Indy xxx
Megan’s Incredible Journey