“One star shines just that little bit brighter for us.” Megan
Megan 2005 - 2011
Megan’s Incredible   Journey
Guestbook If you would like your thoughts adding to our guestbook please email us via the ‘Contact Us’ page. Thankyou. 29th January 2014 “It is a beautiful and deeply moving website. It is a wonderful tribute to Megan and all that you are doing and will continue to do to raise awareness about canine epilepsy. It will have a positive and profound impact (it already does) in the fight against canine epilepsy so we can stop this terrible disease. One look at Megan and you see why you have to carry on! Megan irrevocably changed your lives forever, as Toby did ours, and that of countless others for the Good! Thank you for all that you do.” Pamela Douglas, Toby’s Mom and President of Toby’s Foundation, Inc “You gave Megan so much. You gave her love and such devoted care throughout her illness and you’ve courageously told her story. Such a beautiful, smiley girl that should never have had to suffer as she did.” Linda & Lukey “Moving and inspiring – one of my previous rescues (gsdXlassieCollie) died from epilepsy. Beautiful boy, love and miss him still.” Charley and Brian “Megan was a beautiful girl with a dreadful condition, she was very lucky to have owners such as yourselves. She will never be forgotten, thank you for sharing your story it is hard to read but people need to know about this.” Lesleigh “What a wonderful and moving tribute to a very special girl, I am so sorry Megan had to suffer this, I admire all that you are doing to bring awareness of how awful this disease is xx” Lynn “The love myself & my mum & dad had/have for Megan can never be summed up into words… People who say dogs don’t share the same feelings or emotions clearly never met a dog like Megan… Her memory & beautiful wee face will forever be remembered. Sleep well Princess xxx @In Loving Memory of my boy Indy’ xxx Love” John Jnr “I never saw such, devotion, and love, both given and given back, as the care and love of John and Margaret, as they took Megan through her very distressing illness. The happy times she did have were precious beyond words. She has left her mark on many hearts, including mine……. xx” Grandma “Her light shines bright on all of us that have been in that dark place of despair called epilepsy. Thank you.” Leigh Vincent “Megan was a beautiful lovely girl! She crossed the bridge far too soon, same year as our girl Roxy. I can imagine them as good friends, running and playing seizure free!” Marge Ellis “What a wonderful tribute to Megan, just hope her suffering with this horrendous condition makes people think twice before continually breeding from these lines, if it stops one litter from being born it will be worth it. God bless you both Mags & John, hope reliving her life wasn’t too hard for you both, just focus on the happy/good times and the joy she brought you both….…x” Pam “This site is not only extremely eye opening, educational bit also very touching. As I was reading through and taking in the information contained in it (which will need a good few visits) I cam to the last page “In Loving Memory of’ and that was it for me – tears. Thank you for sharing Megan’s story, the special photos & intimate details. The time you all went through was truly devastating, esp losing your Braveheart Indy so close to Megan. Please feel some peace knowing you have helped more people & dogs than you will ever realise……. xxx” Claire Workman “This was done beautifully, such a lucky Megan to have had such wonderful and devoted and loving people taking care of her.” Rotem “Thank you for putting my article about Champion Nevada on ‘Megan’s Incredible Journey’. Reading it again after all these years bring back the terrible experience of owning an epileptic GSD. I hope today’s breeders will do their best to avoid suspect lines.” Sheila Rankin “To Mags, John and family. I’d just like to say what a beautiful tribute to your wee girlie Megan. I found Megan’s Diary heart moving and pure. Sending love and peace from all of Clan Cameron her in Lairg.” Jenny Cameron “Beautiful Megan, gained her angel wings far too soon, but will forever remain in our hearts….… Sleep tight little Megs. xxx” Sarah “Thank you for bringing this to the attention of all pet owners!” Pam Thomas “Beautiful Megan Angel in Heaven <3. Wonderful website xxxxxxxxx” Verna “Its been a pleasure producing this site for you. All the best.” Kev
Megan’s Incredible Journey